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Saurer 6DM 10DM Gearbox ECU

Drop-in replacement for the Saurer factory ECU «Oerlikon-Buehrle Ueberdrehsicherung»

CHF 2499

This product is a modern plug-and-play solution, fully compatible with the existing truck wiring and connectors, to replace the original gearbox electronic control unit in Saurer 6DM and Saurer 10DM trucks.
It can be installed in just a few minutes using the existing mounting holes and only requires a #4 flat screwdriver to fasten the four captive mounting screws.

Saurer 6DM 10DM gearbox ECU

This product is an updated version of the original factory unit, offering better accuracy as well as a few added functionalities and safety features.
It is built using high-quality state-of-the-art electronic components and was engineered with plenty of margin to ensure many years of dependable operation.

The microcontroller-based design also supports firmware updates, to add new features if they become available in the future (updates cannot be performed by the user and are subject to fees).

Both the Saurer 6DM (4×4) and the Saurer 10DM (6×6) pictured below share the same powertrain and therefore use the same gearbox ECU.


Overdrive gear control
  • switches between normal and overdrive gears and vice-versa (so-called half-gears), at the press of the overdrive pushbutton (next to the gear selector lever)
  • the green overdrive dashboard indicator lamp («hare») signals that the overdrive gear is selected
  • automatically switches to normal gear when stopping in neutral gear (comfort function)


Engine overspeed protection (improved accuracy)
  • flashes the red overspeed indicator lamp («n-1↑») above 2400 rpm engine speed
  • automatically shifts the gearbox to neutral above 2650 rpm engine speed
  • automatically re-engages the selected gear after 1s below 2600 rpm engine speed


Sensor fault detection (improved safety)
  • automatically detects a faulty sensor or sensor wiring
  • signaled by the red overspeed indicator lamp («n-1↑») lighting up continuously
  • the gearbox is then locked in neutral for safety reasons until the fault is cleared
  • the diagnostic circuit was improved to detect both open and short circuit faults


Gear lever fault detection (improved safety)
  • automatically detects multiple gears being selected at the same time or otherwise invalid gear signals and prevents any gear from being inserted
  • also signaled by the red overspeed indicator lamp («n-1↑») lighting up continuously
  • the gearbox is then locked in neutral for safety reasons until the fault is cleared


Engine anti-stall protection (improved safety)
  • automatically disables the engine brake if no gears are engaged while the vehicle is moving, regardless of the reason (gear shift, neutral gear selected or activation of the engine overspeed protection), as well as below 700 rpm engine speed (safety improvement)
  • in case of an emergency braking, the engine brake is automatically opened below 700 rpm engine speed, which prevents the engine from stalling and guarantees that the vehicle remains steerable
  • engine stop only possible at standstill and in neutral gear


Engine starter control (improved safety)
  • engine cranking is allowed in neutral gear, regardless of vehicle speed (safety improvement)
    (the original ECU only enables the starter motor if the vehicle is stopped and with the gear lever in neutral)