Development and construction of functional demonstrators and prototypes


  • requirements analysis and formulation of requirements specifications
  • concept development, evaluation, refinement and design finalization
  • components research and procurement, prototype integration
  • product commissioning, testing methodologies, measurement technologies and process documentation
  • optimal combination of our expertise: technical programming, modeling and simulation of dynamic systems, structural design, crash analysis, computational fluid dynamics and development of embedded systems
  • development based on proven and suitable processes according to the project (Agile- or V-Model)
  • choice of the optimally suited production process, including rapid prototyping technologies, based on cost, time and quality considerations


Prototypes and functional demonstrators are key milestones in the development of any new product. Their main purpose is to allow tests and measurements to be performed, in order to validate the chosen design and minimize technical and economic risks. Furthermore, design weaknesses and optimization potential can be identified and corrective measures can be implemented prior to further development and mass production.

At systematica we build prototypes, ranging from simpler proof-of-concept prototypes and technology demonstrators, up to fully functional prototypes of complex machines. We take care of their development from beginning to end, starting from requirements definition, to concept development, implementation and construction, till delivery and commissioning.

With many years of experience, we can offer a cost-oriented and pragmatic technical project management.
Our vast and specific knowledge pool allows us to develop fully in-house a wide range of systems and to manufacture them relying on our trusted network of suppliers in central Europe.


  • Robotics
  • Prototypes for technical and economic risk minimization
  • Hardware/signal simulators for testing purposes
  • Test and measurement systems, custom test jigs
  • Automation of test equipment