MicroPython Industrial Automation Boards

Our range of industrial multipurpose microcontroller boards, MicroPython-programmable and real time.

MicroPython considerably shortens the development time and is ideally suited for IoT applications.

alpha:ONE by systematica GmbH
omega:ONE by systematica GmbH
omega:TWO by systematica GmbH

Saurer 6DM and 10DM Gearbox Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

Drop-in replacement for the Saurer factory gearbox ECU «Oerlikon-Buehrle Ueberdrehsicherung» for Saurer 6DM and Saurer 10DM trucks,
also known in the Swiss army as ALN 775-6797 «GETRIEBESTEUERUNG – COMMANDE DES VITESSES».

Saurer 6DM 10DM gearbox ECU