alpha:ONE is a high quality industrial multipurpose 32bit microcontroller board, which supports MicroPython programming.
The comprehensive suite of STM32 development tools is also supported for traditional C/C++ programming.

Board overview


alpha:ONE combines high quality industrial hardware with the ease and speed of programming of MicroPython. This allows engineers to implement prototypes and products in a fraction of the time required for traditional C/C++ based development.

Key features:

  • Runs MicroPython out of the box

  • Provides the most relevant industrial communication interfaces, such as Ethernet, Can Bus, RS232, RS422 and RS485

  • Twelve 12/24V high-speed isolated digital inputs

  • Six 12/24V high power outputs with up to 32A capability

  • A microSD card slot to store large amounts of data, such as for extensive datalogging

  • A battery-backed real time clock keeps track of the datetime also after power cycles

  • Wide supply input voltage range of 6V to 36V

  • The board can also be supplied directly through the Micro-USB connector for ease of use while developing

  • Firmware updates are possible

alpha:ONE is suitable for a variety of industrial and research applications, such as:

  • Programmable Logic Controller

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Control systems for test setups

  • Signal/subsystem simulators

  • Data logging

  • Industrial IoT applications


Technical specifications:

  • STM32F722IET7 32Bit microcontroller

  • 216MHz Cortex M7 CPU

  • 512KB internal flash ROM

  • 256KB internal RAM

  • 8MB external QSPI flash

  • Additional 8MB external flash

  • 6-36V power supply input (contact systematica for higher voltages)

  • 3x RGB LEDs

  • 12x 11-36V high-speed isolated digital inputs

  • 6x 9-48V 32A power outputs (high side switches)

  • 21x 3.3V multifunction pins (IO/PWM/ADC/DAC/UART/SPI/I2C)

  • microSD card slot (up to 32 Gb)

  • Real time clock with high-precision oscillator and battery backup

  • JTAG connector

  • Micro USB inteface (and 5V supply input)

  • 1x 10/100 Mbit Ethernet

  • 1x CAN Bus

  • 1x switchable RS232 or RS485 half-duplex

  • 2x RS422/485 full-duplex

Mechanical specifications:

  • Size: Euro card 160x100x23mm

  • Weight: 150g




Product Flyer: alphaone_flyer.pdf
Board Pinout: alphaone_pinout.pdf
Minimal 3D CAD model: alphaONE_CAD_minimalDetail.stp
Micropython Firmware: firmware download