alpha:ONE is an industrial multipurpose 32bit microcontroller board, which might be programmed as well with MicroPython for rapid prototyping as with C for products.



This board aims mainly to combine high quality industrial hardware with an ease of programming through MicroPython. This allows engineers to implement very rapidly a prototype or a product.

The board run with a nominal 24V power input and dispose over 24V digital inputs and outputs pins. Moreover the board dispose over the most relevant industrial communication interfaces, such as Ethernet, Can Bus, RS232, RS422 and RS485. An SD Card slot adds the possibility to store big amounts of data. The RTC battery powers the clock also when power off, such that the datetime is known at restart. The board may be run also with a 5V power input through the Micro-USB. In this case only the 3.3V multipurpose pins can be used. Firmware and Software update are possible.

alpha:ONE is suitable for industrial and research applications:

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Control system for test setups

  • Data logging

  • Integrated as control system in products

The main electronic hardware features of this board are:

  • STM32F722IEK 32Bit microcontroller

  • 216MHz Cortex M7 CPU

  • 512KB internal flash ROM

  • 256KB internal RAM

  • 8MB external QSPI flash

  • Additional 8MB external flash

  • 6-36V power in

  • 3x LED RGB

  • 12x 11-36V inputs

  • 6x 9-48V 32A outputs

  • 21x 3.3V multifunction pins (IO/PWM/ADC/DAC/UART/SPI/I2C)

  • Micro SD card slot

  • Real time clock with battery

  • JTAG connector

  • Micro USB connector (5V power in)

  • Ethernet

  • CAN Bus

  • RS232/485

  • 2x RS422/485

Mechanical features:

  • Size: Eurocard 160x100x23mm

  • Weight: 150g (tbc)

Minimal 3D CAD modell: alphaONE_minimalDetail.stp